SF1.   Steamed Mussels Classic Saigon Style  $15.99
SF2.   Deep Fried Mussels Classic Saigon Style  $15.99
SF3.   Mussels with Salt & Hot Peppers  $15.99
SF4.   Mussels with Ginger & Scallions  $15.99
SF5.   Mussels in Black Bean Sauce  $15.99

SF6.   Hot & Spicy Mussels  $15.99

SF7.   Hot & Spicy Scallop  $17.99
SF8.   Scallop with Mixed Vegetables  $17.99
SF9.   Scallop with Salt & Hot Peppers  $ 17.99
SF10.   Scallop with Ginger & Scallions  $17.99
SF11. Scallop in Black Bean Sauce  $17.99


SF12.  Fried Crab Classic Saigon Style    Seasonal
SF13.  Crab with Salt & Hot Peppers       Seasonal
SF14.  Crab with Ginger & Scallions        Seasonal
SF15.  Crab in Black Bean Sauce             Seasonal
SF16.  Lobster with Salt & Hot Peppers  Seasonal
SF17.  Lobster with Ginger & Scallions   Seasonal
SF18.  Lobster in Black Bean Sauce        Seasonal
SF19.  Seafood Hot Pot  $15.99
SF20.  Seafood with Bean Sprouts  $15.99

SF21.  Seafood Stir Fried with Rice Noodles  $15.99